Joel Nylund

Solution Street

Joel has over 20 years building business systems of all kinds. He has been a partner at Solution Street since 2008. Before joining Solution Street he founded 2 startups DemandMart, a small business marketing tool and KeepUp, an online reminder service where he developed a passion for Ruby on Rails. Before that, he was an Architect and Engineering Director at VeriSign. Joel loves all aspects of software development, including management, design, coding, debugging and testing. Joel has his B.S. & M.S. in Information Systems from George Mason University.

My Sessions

Web Components & Polymer

Rivanna B

Come to learn about the open-source JavaScript library Polymer, used for building web applications using Web Components, a set of features that have been added to the HTML & DOM specifications which allow for reusable widgets to be created for your application.

To Be Announced