Derek Binkley

TurnTo Networks

Derek Binkley is a Senior Engineer at TurnTo Networks where he creates shopping assistance tools using Groovy, Grails, Angular, and ElasticSearch. While getting his start fixing the Y2K date problem in Cobol, Derek quickly moved on to spend over 15 years using PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, and Oracle.

He enjoys teaching others through speaking, mentoring, and writing articles. Derek works to encourage developers to write clean and testable code. When not in front of a computer he spends time with family, travels, makes pizza, and drinks beer.

My Sessions

Taming Your Data With Elasticsearch

Rivanna A

Are you searching unstructured data or text fields? Do you need to aggregate and summarize your geo, financial, or other numeric data? Do you want to query your structured data in new and exciting ways? If so, Elasticsearch may be right for you. Let’s explore the many ways you can ask questions of your data […]


Browser Automation Testing With Headless Chrome

Rivanna C

Developers are unit testing, QA staff is integration testing, users are acceptance testing. Do you need to add browser automated tests too? Have you ever experienced side effects of upgrading third-party components or server configuration changes? Do you have trouble testing your entire site to ensure bugs weren’t introduced? If so, you may need browser […]

Intermediate Workshop