David Wolfpaw


David Wolfpaw is a professional web developer focused on WordPress theme and plugin development. He emphasizes helping small businesses, providing ongoing support, and educating users through his service FixUpFox. He helps organize both WordPress Orlando and WordCamp Orlando.

My Sessions

Building WordPress Themes: A Primer

Rivanna C

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own theme for WordPress, this is the session for you! We’re going to start from scratch and work our way up. This tutorial assumes HTML and CSS knowledge, though there is no level of PHP requirement. We’ll go through all of the core files needed for a theme; some […]

Intermediate Workshop

Ethics in Software Development

Luray II

What questions should a developer ask when they’re starting a project? What concerns should you consider while architecting a new system, solution, or platform? Where do you go to raise a red flag should one come up during or after development? Who is responsible for the way your code is used? Join this round-table discussion […]

Birds of a Feather