Colin O’Dell

Unleashed Technologies

Colin O’Dell is a Lead Web Developer and DevOps Engineer at Unleashed Technologies, a web and hosting firm based in Maryland. In addition to being an active member of the PHP League and maintainer of the league/commonmark project, Colin also co-organizes the Baltimore PHP meetup and has authored the PHP 7 Upgrade Guide ebook.

My Sessions

Automating Deployments With Deployer


Have you ever botched a deployment and taken a site offline? I have—more times then I’d like to admit. What if we could completely automate the deployment process, make it lightning fast, remove most of the risk, and do it all without custom bash scripts? Better yet, what if we could use the same deployment […]


Releasing High-Quality Packages

Rivanna A

Releasing open-source libraries involves much more than sharing your GitHub URL with the world. There are many considerations and steps involved, especially if you want your project to be successful and long-lived. In this talk, we’ll cover the principles behind creating, releasing, and maintaining high-quality libraries. Topics will include structuring the repository, implementing modern PHP […]