Brandon Savage

Rogue Wave Software

In 2003, Brandon Savage discovered that PHP could automate things that would take a long time to do by hand. Brandon was hooked and spent every waking hour learning PHP and how to use it for his projects. Brandon began his career working for small shops doing WordPress and Drupal with some custom applications and then moved on to Mozilla, where he worked on a highly-available big-data project called Socorro.

Brandon’s passions are object-oriented design and well-written code, along with a healthy dose of a “just ship” mentality for solving business problems. Brandon speaks at PHP conferences around the world on a variety of subjects focused on good code, object-oriented design, and getting things done.

My Sessions

Practical Object-Oriented Design Principles

Rivanna C

Figuring out the best way to apply object-oriented design principles to your code is a challenge for even the most experienced developers. In this tutorial, we’ll dive deeply into exactly how to apply object-oriented design principles to the software we’re writing, including an in-depth analysis of the SOLID patterns and practices.

Intermediate Workshop